Boycott Mexico !!

Do not give your tourist dollars to Mexico !

Spend them in the beautiful American Southwest !

Mexico has become increasingly aggressive and hostile to the United States and

disrespectful of our laws. It has demanded amnesty for all Mexicans who enter

the U.S. illegally. It demands that the U.S. increase quotas for legal immigration

by Mexicans so that Mexico can ship its surplus population to the U.S.

According to a Pew Hispanic Center poll, 21% of Mexican adults say they plan to

come to the U.S. even if they have to do so illegally. According to the DHS,

70% of the illegal aliens now in the U.S. are from Mexico No other country in

the world behaves towards the U.S. with such insolence and arrogance. And

within Mexico, violence is more pervasive than ever.

In light of these undisputed facts,


hereby urges all Americans to avoid Mexico as a tourism destination,

whether for a night of partying, a day stop on an ocean cruise, a weekend of off-roading, a

week of studying archeological ruins, or two weeks at a luxury resort. There are many

wonderful people in Mexico, and we regret the negative effects – hopefully short-term – this

may have on them. We count on them to demand better, more civilized behavior on the part of

their own government.

We urge that all Americans adhere to this boycott until the Mexican

government meets the following demands. The Mexican government must:

1. Cease all attempts to interfere with enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

2. Cease all attempts to influence U.S. immigration legislation.

3. Cease all financial support of individuals and organizations in the U.S.

that protect, harbor, or provide services to illegal aliens in the U.S.

4. Cease the issuance of matriculas consulares to Mexican citizens residing

illegally in the U.S.

5. Reimburse annually to the U.S. federal and state governments, 50% of the

costs of encarceration of Mexican illegal aliens in U.S. prisons and jails.

6. Cease encouraging Mexican citizens to enter the U.S. illegally and giving

them advice as to how to escape detection once here.

AUHTM is a coalition of peaceful, law-abiding organizations working toward the halting of illegal immigration, attrition of the illegal alien

population by enforcement, and reduction of the U.S. population growth rate. A pdf of this flyer, with suggestions for its use, may be

found at the following websites: and Organizations interested in joining this

coalition should contact Francisco Serrano at :


The “Boycott Mexico !!” Campaign



There is an abundance of information available

on the hostility of the Mexican government

toward the United States over matters of

immigration and on the serious problems posed

to the U.S. by illegal immigration and by high

and economically and environmentally

unsustainable levels of legal immigration. This is

readily available on the websites of

organizations such as: NumbersUSA,

Federation for American Immigration Reform,

Californians for Population Stabilization, Center

for Immigration Studies, Negative Population

Growth, and Carrying Capacity Network, to

name just a few of the larger or national ones.

The AUHTM Campaign is designed to allow the

American people to confront the Mexican

government and Mexican people directly on

these issues. The incompetence of the White

House and U.S. Congress to do their jobs in this

area is well known and leaves concerned and

well-informed Americans few alternatives.

At least initially, the key element in this

campaign is the “Boycott Mexico !!” flyer which is

self-explanatory. A pdf of it will be available on

increasing numbers of websites that you can

use for printing out or sending copies by

reference to a url. Here are a few ways this can

be used – by computer activists, by street

activists, by political activists, by immigration

reform organizations, by educational

organizations, by environmental groups, and so


1. Simply distribute the flyer (or a url for it) via

email or paper copy to everyone you know –

friends, relatives, co-workers, and organizations

to which you belong. Across the whole country.

2. If you distribute paper copies, you could print

supplementary information on the back. This

could include excerpts from articles or op-eds on

the issue, statistical information, quotes of

hostile statements from the Mexican

government, lists of websites and other sources

of information on the issue. Eventually some

such materials, all formatted for such a purpose,

will be made available on participating websites.

3. Stop by several tourist agencies in your

area and leave multiple copies of the flyer at

each one, if they are at all receptive. Tell them

that we do not expect them to do anything that

would hurt their own business. Just ask them to

consider the issue. And, perhaps when they

have a client who would be just as happy with a

trip to Costa Rica or Puerto Rico – or Arizona or

New Mexico! – they could nudge them away

from Mexico.

4. Go into the lion’s den and confront the

Mexican consulate, if there is one in your area.

Give the flyer to consular officials, demand the

Mexican government back off, demand the

consulate stop aiding and abetting illegal

immigration by issuing matriculas consulares.

5. Get some fellow activists together, prepare

some good signs, and picket the Mexican

consulate on a sidewalk or other public space

in its vicinity. Display your signs to passing

vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Hand out copies

of the flyer to pedestrians; chat them up. The

flyer itself could be printed up into large 2 ft x 3 ft

signs. Display position is always critical. Other

sign possibilities: Don’t Spend Your Tourist

Dollars in Mexico; SAY NO to Mexican

Lebensraum Movement; Mexico, Bad Neighbor,

Aggressor Nation; Boycott Mexico Tourism;

Hostile Mexican Consulates Unwelcome;

Repatriate Mexican Consuls; John McCain,

Lackey of Calderon; SAY NO to the Matricula

Mafiosi; Tour Mexico – and Die; Mexican

Agression,¡Basta!; Close Criminal Mexican

Consulates, ¡Si se puede!; etc.

6. Organize similar demonstrations when

Mexican government officials visit or give

public addresses in your area.

7. Visit or contact the local, state, and federal

politicians who represent you and ask them to

take actions appropriate to their position that will

help protect the U.S. against Mexican political

aggression. Give them and their staff members

the flyer and ask them to personally refrain from

tourism in Mexico.

8. Join and/or support a few of the

immigration reform organizations – whether

they are members of the AUHTM coalition or not

– who are working on your behalf. Stand up for

the future of our children and grandchildren!

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